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Imitation Rolex Sea-Dweller 50th Anniversary Review

Historically, the Imitation Rolex Sea-Dweller arose from the Submariner introduced in 1953. Together with the French diving company Comex, Rolex developed the helium valve in the 1960s to prevent glass from leaking out when decompressed in pressure chambers under a mixture. helium and oxygen. Breathing gas enters the watch under pressure through the seals and cannot escape later. All of that already applies to the Submariner. Introduced in 1953, it still sets the optical standard for a diver's watch today: black dial with luminescent hands and indexes, stainless steel case, and a rotating bezel with luminous markings. The Oyster case, which is already waterproof in its basic form, was initially designed only for diving use up to 100 meters (references 6200 and 6204). Subsequently, a water resistance of 180 meters was guaranteed and shortly thereafter up to 200 meters.

2017: 50 Years Of Sea-Dweller

Some of the rumors were confirmed at Baselworld 2017 in March. Rolex traditionally lifted the veil on its innovations on Wednesday noon, the day before the show started. And in 2017 the star was clearly the new Sea-Dweller. It was first unveiled in 1967 and it was clear that Rolex would bring something new on its 50th anniversary. But few people have suspected that a completely new model would replace an existing one that was only introduced in 2014.

What's New In The 2017 Rolex Sea-Dweller?

The new Sea-Dweller has a casing that has been enlarged by three millimeters to 43 millimeters. It is now located between the 40-millimeter diver and the 44-millimeter deep sea, which is, however, significantly higher. As with the first Sea-Dweller from 1967, the model name is now printed in red. And as a third visual change, the typical fake rolex Cyclops lens for the date is used for the first time in this model.

It is now much more similar to the Submariner (and all other Rolex sports models). The Deepsea, which emerged from the Sea-Dweller, is the latest Oyster model to remain without a date magnifying glass.

A diver's watch is not just a diver's watch - this is why Imitation Rolex launched the Sea Dweller. Hardly any other diver's watch is as reliable and sophisticated as the Sea Dweller. Professional divers appreciate this and trust the Rolex model. The Sea Dweller was developed in 1953. Imitated by many manufacturers, no model has yet been developed that comes close to the reliability of the Rolex.

For several days I have been impatiently stomping, yes I, the patient man, excited as a child by the arrival of the new Replica Watches presented in Basel, Switzerland for the 2017 edition of Baselworld, the great mass of the global watch -industry. Like during snorkeling, I held my breath, because the novelty I was particularly waiting for came from Rolex, with the presentation of the 2017 edition of its 'tool watch' par excellence, the spectacular Sea-Dweller which is this year's 50th birthday! And specialists have wasted no time renaming this Sea-Dweller case reference 126600, Sea-Dweller's 50th anniversary! Come on, let's dive into troubled waters!


Note that the new imitation rolex sea-dweller is offered with an Oyster bracelet with solid steel links with Oysterlock safety clasp. A bracelet also equipped with a double extension system that offers the possibility to adapt the watch to a diving suit up to 7 mm thick without the slightest tools: the Fliplock extension blades allow to extend the bracelet 26 mm, the Rolex Glidelock system which allows adjustment in 2 mm steps, for a total of approximately 20 mm.

In 1980 a new version of the watch was released. This revised model is water resistant to 1,220 meters. The case got bigger and taller. So it is possible to withstand this depth of the sea with its enormous water pressure. As is customary for Rolex, the watch is made of solid material. The top of the watch case has been roughly satin-finished, while the two sides are polished to a high sheen, a visual highlight. The huge triplock crown is protected against impacts by two casing flanks. The pointers have inlays made of very bright fluorescent material so divers can always optimally read them.

The Sea Dweller has a special feature compared to other models: it has so-called Solid End Links, or SEL for short. The solid steel milled strap ends increase the quality of the watch, but also the comfort. This allows the diver to extend the bracelet with the touch of a finger so that the watch can be worn over the wetsuit.

So if you want to get up close to mermaids, the Imitation Rolex Sea Dweller is the ideal companion.

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